An old castle, a Celtic habitat from the Atlantic Iron Age, which has preserved its moat and the defensive walls typical of the Galician villages. At the foot of an interesting hill half-slope with a double defensive system.

Like all other Galician castles, Vilasuso has its own legend.  On the eve of May Day, a gigantic winged cobra, with its entire body covered in shells, leaves the castle.

"It's a good snake that never hurt anyone", but intimidated by its fierce aspect, the armed men chase it to kill it for the mountain in front of the fort, with the remains of a Celtic place of worship and an interesting petroglyph, until recently the only known one of the City council of Narón. The serpent flees through the Montes de Vilarquinte to the so-called "Casa do Martuxo", where after dancing, making a wheel, it rushes down the cliff and disappears into the sea waves.