Pilgrims, hikers and walkers are thrilled at the immensity of the ocean when they make the old Coastal Camino de Santiago and Santo André, before bordering Cape Prior and San Cristovo das Serpes and their areas of Paradise, crossing the A Lagoa and Vilarquinte, O Val, and Terra de Trasancos mountains and some of the highest cliffs in Europe.

Each stone on this path has its own name, story or secret. Here, the walk has its reward in the privacy of the small coves hidden in the shafts of the cliffs: the hidden beaches of Lopesa, Hortiña, and O Casal.

The Hortiña cove has much charm due to preserving the whole coast intact and three barren islands of great quality and economic importance.

Although very difficult to access, and now reserved only for expert “percebeiros”, it is difficult for even the most adventurous. We enjoy the breathtaking view of the cliff, sheltering colonies of sea- and marine birds, and adorned with carnations, orchids and wild flowers.